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Classes & Services


The vibe of the tribe is central to Fort Phoenix and the group training sessions are a great way to enjoy, and commit to exercise. 


Circuits are the most popular and versatile Class. It's filled with a mixture of fun formats, challenges, exercises, and equipment you have never used before.

Each station and exercise is carefully selected to cater for a wide range of abilities, and to get the most out of everybody's potential.

Legs Day

With Legs Day we reinvented what a group training session 'should' be.

Born out of the ambition to introduce resistance training and its benefits to all of our Members.  

 We decided to do what they like to do worst, in a way they like to do best.

It worked, and now they CAN lift, they LOVE to lift, and are they reaping all the benefits that come from compound exercises and resistance training.


The HIIT & MetCon sessions offer those wanting to really push their limits and improve their fitness & health a chance to do so. 

These sessions will improve your stamina, aid your recovery & magnify your mental FORTitude.


Bringing Boxing to the Fort is one of my proudest achievements. Long before we got the Fort, I promised night & day that we will have the most versatile place to train. 

Now we Lift, Throw, Punch, Jump, Pull, Push and Progress all in one week.

Coaching Services and Zones

We offer the use of the Fort as 'gym space'. A concept we refer to as ZONES. The ZONES offer you an opportunity to work and focus on the details that make you, you. In an unsaturated, relaxed and pleasant environment, you can excel, progress and become the best version of yourself.

Along side the Zones, are the options to acquire additional guidance in the shape of the Coaching Services. These services range, and can aid those of you starting out, and support those of you that are experienced trainers.



The Zones concept offers experienced trainers the means, environment & opportunity to reap all the benefits of having their own garage gym.


On the other hand, the Zones offer those with less experience and confidence a platform to FINALLY start their gym journey on route to their goals.


With a limited floor capacity and features such as

'Book the Rack',

the Fort is the place too not only train, but be time efficient & progressive.

Personal Training

Having worked in commercial gyms and witnessed first hand the pitfalls of Personal Training in saturated spaces. 

We wanted to create an environment and experience that made our Members the centre of attention.


With the ability to connect our Personal Training service with the other Coaching Services on the Fort. We offer your Personal Training journey evolution, cost effectiveness and longevity that you won't get anywhere else.  

Remote Coaching

Our Remote Coaching services 

are structured in a

3-Tier system.

Each Tier offers a different level of detail, intensity & commitment.


Following a consultation, we will be able to work out which Tier best suits your set of circumstances, training history, goals, etc. 


The Fort Phoenix Challenges are here to keep those wanting to sharpen their competitive edge an opportunity to do so. These Challenges are designed to unify, encourage and give you the platforms necessary, as which to measure your Strength, Endurance, Stamina, etc.


By being encouraged to prepare & revisit the Challenges on a regular basis, this method sees that your training isn't stagnating, and/or becoming too one-dimensional.

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