What We Offer

Group Training

The vibe of the tribe is central to Fort Phoenix and the group training sessions are a great way to enjoy exercise. 

Circuit class at Fort Phoenix High Wycombe
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The Fort Phoenix Circuits are made up of multiple stations varying in exercises. It's our most popular and versatile class. It's filled with a mixture of challenging exercises, equipment you may never have used before, fun formats and a great overall workout. 

Legs Day

The Fort Phoenix Legs Day sessions are a popular choice for those wanting to target their lower body but at the same time, still participate and train in a group setting. What's great about this session is that we completely slow things down and hone in on more weight lifting principles and technique.


The Fort Phoenix HIIT sessions are our high intensity interval sessions. These are for those wanting to improve their fitness and stamina or push their boundaries.  The formats invite you to exceed your aerobic threshold in short, sharp bursts followed by periods of rest. 


The Heavy HIITers Boxing sessions are hard hitting, fast-paced and pack a punch. They vary from technical and technique based, to more conditioning focussed incorporating other movements and equipment. 

Coaching Services and Gym Space

We offer the use of our gym space, which we call 'Zones', as well as personal training, remote coaching and challenges.

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Booking a zone means that you can come and work out at a time to suit you. And, beacuse you'll have booked, it means no waiting for equipment to become available. The zones are where we express, target and focus on our individuality. Whether it's strength, hypertrophic or conditioning.

Personal Training

Offering personal training in 1:2:1 and 1:2:2 options. The exclusivity and privacy on the Fort makes the experience perfect for those looking for somewhere comfortable to work on their goals.

Remote Coaching

This service is a cost-effective and efficient form of personal training. With regular check ins and a guided/instructed approach, we offer enough influence to be beneficial and supportive. Along with utilising your training experience, confidence and knowledge, we keep the 1:2:1 costs down and therefore expanding your coaching experience and your results.


On Fort Phoenix we use the Challenges for team building, self-development, and an opportunity to measure and encourage progression. They help create and strengthen the Team Spirit on the Fort, and are as much fun as they are challenging.  

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