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How do I join?

Are you our next Member?

The Fort Phoenix Membership is a statement, a declaration and a hand in the air that says:


The 'microwavology' of the fitness industry has seen them subtly remove one of the key components to any self-improvement process, self-enlightenment journey, and/or communal experience. COMMITMENT

We identified early that if we were to turn the tide on this trend,  we would have to create a structure that would allow us to be an environment that spent more time going forward than going back. 

Since the induction of the 'Membership era' we have seen: 




The Induction Pack offers those new to the Fort an opportunity to experience the Fort's full potential. It consists of 10 sessions that can be used on either Zones or Classes (see SERVICES), and is valid for 1 month. This Pass is the only Pass / Subscription available to non-members, and is only available once per person. 

We don't offer a FREE CLASS or FREE ZONE option on the Fort as it doesn't reflect our approach, our process or our outcome. 

In the Price vs. Value discussion, the Induction Pack has been incremental and has produced a high conversion rate. So why not try your luck and see if Fort Phoenix is for you?

£50.00 | 10 sessions | valid for 1 month





Once you have fulfilled your Induction Pack or have opted to go straight to STEP TWO, your next step is becoming a Member. 

The benefits of the Membership include but are not limited to: 

  • Financial incentives & discounts 

  • Remote access to the Fort 

  • Coaching advice & direction

  • No saturated training conditions

  • Use and access to state-of-the-art equipment 

  • Controlled capacity Zones

  • Engagement in events, challenges, etc

  • etc


As stated in the link in the introduction to this page, the Membership plays an integral part to the culture, the upkeep, and the community within the Fort. Only by all of us making this annual contribution can we ensure our levels of service, hygiene, growth and commitment never wane. 

£150.00 | Annual Membership | valid for 1 year


S& P.png



We like to use the analogy of the Membership being the passport, and the Subscriptions & Passes being the flight ticket. So, the 'passport' enables you to 'travel',  but you need a 'flight ticket' to board the 'plane'. 

Once you have become a Member, you will then choose the Subscription or Pass that best reflects your usage, goals, budget and schedule. During your onboarding process, the Coaches will help you devise a strategy and steer you towards the best deal suited to your individual needs. 

These can range from:

  1. 8 x Zone Pass

  2. 8 x Class Pass 

  3. Unlimited Zones Subscription

  4. Unlimited Classes Subscription

  5. 'Access All Areas' Subscription

  6. 4 x PT Pass

  7. 8 x PT Pass

These services carry a wide range and can be discussed further when you make further contact. 

£45.00 - £110.00 | Dependent on service | validation differs 



The Fort takes great pride in being able to offer something for everybody. There are several options that can constantly keep your journey, goals and progress challenged. 

Please see SERVICES section to get some more information regarding the additional services, methods and options available to all our Members. 

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